Wednesday, June 14, 2006
  Fifa World Cup!
The most exciting event in the world of sports - Fifa World Cup, has started in Germany. 32 nations from around the world are competing for the grand prize. From the first few matches of round 1, I have been really impressed by the form of Italy, Germany, Argentina, Czech Republic, and Spain. My favourite team - Brazil, has not performed to their potential yet. However, I have hopes that they will regain their true form before meeting any of the teams listed above in the elimination rounds.

This world cup has seen most good teams opting for aggressive attack formations. Juergen Klinsman - the legend and present coach of Germany, has completely changed the style of play of the Germans. This is a welcome change. I remember the early 90s when most of the teams used to play insipid defence and put everybody to sleep. Except Brazil, every team in the world has lapsed into defensive mode at least once in their history. I remember talented players like Diego Armando Maradona being repeatedly hacked by the defenders of the opponent teams to prevent them from scoring. Fifa has taken commendable steps to revive attacking and more entertaining soccer by tweaking with the rules.

Being an Indian, a country obssessed with Cricket, I can not help but to show my support for teams like Brazil. Brazilian players are the best when it comes to individual artistry. It is no wonder that they have won the World Cup five times. Brazil has consistently produced players of world class caliber from the days of Pele, Garrincha, and Vava. This Brazilian team features genuine stars like Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, and Kaka. However, Ronaldo seems to be overweight and is not justifying his place in the talented side.

Another reason for me supporting the brazilian side is their supporters. Come on! look at their women. I mean which side will not win with supporters like these?

brazil! :)

Yup! Brazil.... Blame it on Rio!

Why can't we have a "MISS SUPPORTER" contest ? How can the marketeers have forgotten this fantastic spectator attraction ?
Bengali guy,

I feel you, bro!

Have you checked out the "Fan of the day" section in the FIFA World Cup site?

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